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    We actors have a bad rap. I’ll admit that when it comes to myself I can definitely have some actor tendencies. Two years ago the owner of my agency called me. As I was placed on hold while her assistant patched me through, my heart started racing and all I could think was: This isn’t gonna be good. And it wasn’t. She was aghast to find out that I was out of pictures, and that they were out dated. She said no matter how much I am coaching I am still, and always will be, an actor. She totally called me out and she was 100 percent in the right. While I was focusing on my passion of coaching I was completely dropping the ball when it came to my other company: myself.
    They’re compulsive. During an intensive a few weeks ago my assistant brought up the fact that only one person had actually responded that they had received their material and that they were confirmed for the weekend. Rowland Perkins (one of the five who started CAA) was known for returning every email within the same day. I have a great relationship with a VP of casting at a network and he will consistently return an email within minutes. He sets an example for me that I have yet to totally master, yet strive to achieve.
    They return emails and

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