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  • Stop Striving for Perfect Self-Tapes

    Young performers often shine when auditioning in person, but struggle when self-taping a video audition, even when the material is exactly the same. The difference between the two lies in the opportunity to review and reshoot an imperfect moment. Comments you might hear at self-taping sessions include:  
    “You’re still talking too fast!”
    “It’s supposed to be comedy, but I don’t get it!”
    “You dropped a line again!”
    That’s not me talking. These are the grumblings of young performers talking to themselves and the comments of their well-meaning parents. It is frustrating to shoot and reshoot the same material with little to show for the effort. With self-tapes and college audition video prescreens in greater demand than ever, it is critical for young actors and their families to understand how these videos are used in order to approach them with appropriate expectations.
    Frustration begins when actors believe that their next big break relies on a perfect video submission. Don’t believe it. Here are two facts to consider:
    1. Roles are seldom directly cast from video submissions. Audition videos are generally for screening purposes. Casting directors look for

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