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  • #ICastIt 1 Way Making Specific Choices Paid Off in ‘Delusions of Guinevere’

    Like Guinevere, the 29-year-old former child actor she portrays in “Delusions of Guinevere,” Ariana Bernstein is creating her own content to creatively express her ideas. But unlike the actor she plays, Bernstein isn’t delusional. She’s created a funny, honest film exploring the idea of social media and feeding into delusions. Her idea “of what fame can do to you and how it can destroy relationships and peel away your character” intrigued director and co-writer Joanna Bowzer, and the writing team of Bernstein, Bowzer, Niccolo Aeed, and Marina Tempelsman drew inspiration from one of Bernstein’s favorite films, Roman Polanski’s “Repulsion,” and strove to keep the film true to the character’s journey.
    Despite writing and producing the film, Bernstein still auditioned for her starring role the same as the other actors. “Joanna had never seen me act before, so she told me that if I wanted the part I had to audition. That was really an awkward process for me,” Bernstein says.
    Bowzer notes that with film, a connection in the casting room doesn’t necessarily translate to a connection on tape. But the opposite was true with Andrew Ruth. “He understands

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