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  • Why a Referral to an Agent Isn’t Always the Best Way In

    When it comes to getting in to meet an agent, the first words out of most people’s mouths will be: “Get a referral. It’s the best way.”  Except that…it isn’t. I believe the best way to get into an agent’s office is as a result of the agent having seen your work and subsequently asking you in for a meeting.  
    I know, it’s hard to make that happen, but it’s best. Why? Because there’s no middle party, i.e the person who’s doing the referring and to whom the agent feels beholden. It’s just you and the agent. It’s pure. So, am I saying not to pursue referrals or not to take such meetings, or that they can’t work out really well? No, not at all. Sometimes they do. I’m simply saying that if someone has seen your work and wants to meet you, they already know and like what you do and want to spend more time with you. It’s just you and them. No favor to anyone. OK, you say, if it’s good to get referrals and they sometimes work out, and you acknowledge getting your work seen isn’t easy, what is your point?  
    It’s this. Scores of times actors have said to me, “I had a meeting with an agent the other

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