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  • 4 Tips from Producer George Caceres

    Producer George Caceres provides acting seminars featuring the likes of Corbin Bleu, Cole and Dylan Sprouse, and Naya Rivera. He also recently produced the Lifetime feature film “Pop Star.”
    How did you get involved with producing?When I was 17 years old I saw the movie “Rocky,” and it changed my life. I felt that if the character could overcome his situation then so could I. I came from very humble beginnings, and [“Rocky”] gave me the courage to move to Los Angeles and pursue my dreams.
    Who do many people not understand about producers?The word “producer” gets thrown around a lot. For example, there is a producer who helps spearhead the project along the way, and an executive producer, who isn’t as hands-on in the process or simply helped to fund the project. I consider myself a creative producer. I get involved with a project from the beginning and I’m very hands-on with everything—the script, funding, hiring, casting, filming, and editing.
    What common mistakes do you see actors making?They put the responsibility of their career in someone else’s hands. They spend their time learning their craft and the fundamentals of the business and think all they

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