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  • The Similarities Between Speed Dating and Auditioning

    You are excited about this opportunity. You will spend approximately five minutes with a complete stranger, and if they say yes, it has the power to transform your life. You know you have to deliver intelligence, composure, and comfort in this tense situation.
    What did I describe? An audition or a speed dating night? Both.
    Actors believe the key to audition success is to be a better actor by delivering a more emotional, thoughtful performance. Yes, that is true. Mostly. This is certainly the case for major roles. 
    But what factors does the casting director consider when choosing who to bring in for the audition in the first place? Actors who are good, certainly, but also actors who have the ability to engage and connect in the room. To ensure our casting session is invigorating and inspiring for the director and producer. 
    So if you walk in the door and the only thing in your mind is the character and the sides (I am talking about the monosyllabic, blinkered rabbit-in-the-headlights focus of an actor who just wants to do the audition and leave), then you have lost an opportunity.
    It is the speed dater who arrives and blurts out, “I was born in Wyoming. I like cats. My favorite music is Justin Beiber, and my

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