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  • 5 Prioritizing Tips for When You’re Spreading Yourself Too Thin

    As an actor, it’s quite possible you’re involved in more than just acting. Perhaps you’re writing a short, a feature, or a novel. Maybe you’re producing or you’re about to launch a crowdfunding campaign for your Web series. You’re likely in an acting class, and there’s a good chance you have a job or two.  
    Do you feel like there’s never enough time in the day? Are you making excuses to others because you can’t follow through on a project? Chances are you’re spreading yourself too thin. Dropping the ball can be detrimental to your success. Simply prioritizing goals and redefining deadlines appropriate to those short and long-term goals can make a tremendous difference in your productivity.
    To get started, first review some tried and true ways to keep yourself on track.
    1. Make a master list. Write down all your goals. Big goals to smaller goals, whether they’re short or long-term. Seeing them in front of you is more powerful than just letting them all bounce around in your head.
    2. Separate long and short-term goals. Decide which are long or short-term, and make a new list for each. Or you could make these your “personal” and

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