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  • How to Break into the ‘Business’ of Show Business

    It’s show business.
    It’s not just show.
    I think actors sometimes feel that if they focus only on the creative side, things will fall into place. But sadly, we’re not living in a meritocracy where the most talented or creative person gets the job. There are so many factors at play that influence why one person works and another doesn’t.
    We can’t try to control the uncontrollable. That is, there are intangibles (height, age, hair-color, ethnicity, “type,” etc.) that also determine job bookings. We can’t worry about those things. We are who we are. 
    But what we can focus on to improve are the two things that we do have control over: our work and the business side of things. 
    Careers are really all about relationships. And relationships take a long time to cultivate. But if you don’t remember who you meet, who’s a fan of yours, who brings you in or recommends you for jobs…how can you cultivate something sustainable?
    The business is hard enough. If you don’t know who’s on your side you’ll never be able to get there on your own. 
    Sometimes we slack on the business side because we get scared of our own ability to get out there in

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