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  • 3 Reasons Why Thanksgiving Is Good for Your Acting Career

    Thanksgiving: the franchise player of America’s holiday roster. It’s big, it’s brash, it involves such a profound level of gluttony that its name is often changed to Turkey Day to really underline the fact that what’s really important about the day is what’s consumed on it. (It’s like changing the name of the new Christopher Nolan movie to “The Evening of Popcorn, Nachos and a Soda.” Catchy, right?) Yes, it’s been hijacked by the NFL and Prilosec OTC heartburn medicine, and yes, it’s the day when you remember just how crazy your family is. But for actors, Thanksgiving is a really important holiday. In fact, it can actually get you closer to having the kind of career that you want. Here are three reasons why Thanksgiving is good for your acting career. 
    1. At the heart of Thanksgiving is the notion of gratitude, of being thankful. This notion is a really powerful tool for an actor. Actors deal with rejection 98 percent of the time. You’re too short, too tall, too funny, not funny enough, not famous enough, etc, etc. And after a while, the futility of it all starts to weigh on you. You start to get really frustrated with the lack of progress. You’re doing

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