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    You know that little voice inside that creeps in and whispers all the reasons why we won’t get a job? It’s the one that gets louder right before an audition. I’m not good enough. I’m the only one here who hasn’t been a series regular. Did I make the right choices? I’m going to  forget my lines. Why did I eat that desert last night? Everyone else is so much thinner than me? Should I even be doing this? What if I suck? They have kept us waiting for over an hour; this is fricken ridiculous. I could be doing so many other things! Why have I chosen to do with my life? Maybe I should…
    And then we get called into the room. 
    Last week I had the opportunity to go on two auditions. (One of my clients doesn’t say she had an audition; she says she had an “opportunity” and I just love that.) “Revenge” and “NCIS”—both on Wednesday, and the “NCIS” was a same-day audition that my agent called me about at 11 a.m. while I was in session. 
    As I began to rearrange my day and get in touch with clients that I needed to move, that voice started in. How are going to get eight pages down? What if you aren’t able to coach

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