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  • 3 Facial Expressions Your Performance Can Do Without

    Today we focus on the impact emotions have on facial expression when the emotion is not triggered by the objective. 
    Let’s be clear, emotions do not replace objectives. Emotions are triggered by our objective, and like our vocals, and gestures, follow the objective. They are guided and ruled by it.
    When we allow an emotion to lead the story it is likely that we have not chosen our objective. Why not?
    Emotions, like sound, are seductive. We like the way it feels when we are emotionally charged in the same way we like singing forte. It feels good. However, our emotions alone will not get us to the goal line. Until triggered by our objective, emotions become less valuable and even meaningless. Without the objective, our emotions are like water without the pitcher: wasted and messy. And, we risk being perceived as self-indulgent.
    Why do we allow ourselves to become seduced by our emotions to such an extent that they become synonymous in our minds with our objective? Perhaps it’s because emotions feel good and real and we think that’s enough. 
    Unfortunately, what feels good and real might not be enough for the creative team or your audience who wonder what is triggering the emotion. If your objective

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