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  • 3 Situations in Which Actors Should Avoid Multitasking

    The term multitasking was never meant to be applied to human beings, it was created for the first computer that could do more than one thing at a time. And yet, it has somehow become a highly desired and rewarded human skill. 
    So, it’s all come to this: The more like an efficient computer you are, the better. 
    This is both horrifying to the quality of life we are manically multitasking away, and absolute death to the artist.
    There are, of course, certain times when multitasking is unavoidable; we live busy lives. It becomes a problem when it becomes a way of life. We are by nature, anxious monkeys and multitasking goes a long way to increasing our natural anxiety to unmanageable levels. 
    Here are three areas in which actors should avoid multitasking.
    The preparation. Creating a job-getting audition requires a technique that breaks down the process step by step and takes you through those steps one at a time. Many times I’ll have actors call me for private coaching and when I ask them what they’ve done with the piece so far, I often get answers like, “Well, I read it about 20 times, I tried to figure out what they’re looking for, I thought of some choices that might work,

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