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  • Calling All Scream Queens (and Kings)

    Since 2009, Melissa Carbone has been growing horror entertainment company Ten Thirty One Productions, putting on live, bone-chilling productions across the U.S. including haunted hayrides and the Great Horror Campout.
    What is Ten Thirty One Productions?We’re an entertainment company that creates, produces, and owns live attractions in the horror space.
    Do actors need to be union?Nope. We don’t need any of that. We are open to anybody who is a great actor, who is super committed and dedicated to doing these roles and sticking with it.
    What is your audition process like?We do a two- to three-day highly intensive auditioning process where we’ll see 1,000–1,100 people. And we’ll have them come in and do a few different types of things. We have them do some improv, just to kind of give them some room to show us what they like to do; we have them do a lot of creature movements—being able to kind of take something nonhuman and illustrate that; and then we prepare one set of sides and people will go through and read that as well.
    What should auditioning actors know?They need to know all of our attractions are outdoors [and] fully rigorous environments. These are not cushy “I’m on a film

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