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  • Creating Your Character with ‘Peter Rabbit’s’ Joshua Colley

    This month, Speak Easy caught up with the energetic and peppy 12-year-old “Peter Rabbit” actor Joshua Colley (who also plays Gavroche in “Les Misérables” on Broadway)! 
    Jen: We met when I cast you in Nick Jr.’s “Peter Rabbit”! Tell me about that moment when you found out you got cast in the show.Joshua: First I went in for the role Peter Rabbit, and made it to the final callbacks for Peter. I didn’t get that role, but then you called me back for this new role of Pig Robinson and I thought, Oh my God, I have to get this! I’d watched episodes of the show, and really wanted to make  make my own of this brand new character. I also had a sign. 
    Jen: A sign? Like a lucky charm? Joshua: Yes! We’d stop by Starbucks before each audition, and at the time, Starbucks was selling those little Peter Rabbit squeezable juice boxes. I told myself to drink one of these before I went in and sure enough, every time I drank them, I got callbacks. And when my agent Kerri Krilla at CESD told me I got the role I shouted, “Yes! Finally!”
    Jen: Let’s talk about specific script prep. What’s your process? You know Pig Robinson so well now as a

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