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    Jennifer Treuting got involved with UCB Comedy after taking some sketch writing workshops from the Upright Citizens Brigade and is currently part of Circuit, a UCB team which focuses exclusively on creating web series for UCB Comedy. The team was assembled by Todd Bieber, who paired “writers, directors, producers, cinematographers, and editors together, creating groups that could act as a self-sufficient production unit,” says Treuting.
    After brainstorming ideas as a team, they settled on the concept for “Good Grief,” a comedy in which three individuals form a friendship at a funeral for someone none of them actually knew. The team liked the idea of creating awkward situations for the characters to explore. “Watching the series kind of makes you squirm as you realize how wildly inappropriate and self-involved, yet at the same time, well-intentioned, these three people can be,” Treuting says.
    Two of the writers, Zach Broussard and Cirocco Dunlap, star in “Good Grief,” and the third lead [Morgan Miller] was also heavily involved in the writing process. “It was a super collaborative process,” says Treuting, which made directing easier. “They had such a firm idea of

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