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    Last week, we touched on the concept of having more gratitude in your life. And now that the holiday season is upon us, I’d like to delve deeper into this idea and how it can help you stay sane in a heartbreaking business.
    It’s been my experience that actors love to find the negative in every positive. This is a very destructive way to live because if you’re looking to be disappointed, the entertainment industry is more than happy to help.
    I would suggest there’s a better (and healthier) way to live. When you’re hit in the face with bad news, the trick is to reframe your perspective. In other words, when your mind goes to a negative place you must choose to alter your point of view so you can find and appreciate the positive.
    Let’s examine this concept from my side of the fence.
    Agents love to book pilots in the fall because when pilot season hits in January, it’s reassuring to have a few series regular deals on our desks. Toward that end, I had a client test last week on a network pilot. The decision went right down to the wire between my client and a Canadian actor but sadly, the deal went north—literally.
    Following the example of most actors I’ve met, my mood went dark

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