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  • 4 Questions to Find the Right Acting Class

    Experienced or inexperienced, working or not working, all actors benefit greatly from being in an acting class. With so many options to choose from (between commercials, cold-reading, audition technique, scene study, improvisation, on-camera, musical theater, and more), it can be difficult for an actor to decide where to plug in. Always take a studio up on their offer to audit or participate in a free class, because this is the best way to discern what’s right for you. In the meantime, answering these questions should help you choose wisely!
    1. Is this a positive environment? The most important characteristic of any classroom is positivity. Why? Because positivity (and constructive criticism) encourages growth as opposed to just plain criticism (which doesn’t encourage anything). When students are constantly being torn down, they become discouraged to learn and may even be tempted to walk away from acting! All teachers should create an environment where students feel free to succeed and fail. People have good and bad days; actors make strong and weak choices. And when you have an off day, you want a caring teacher to encourage you to get back on track with strong acting choices.
    2. Can I learn here? First things

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