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  • 5 Things Voice Actors Should Never, Ever Do

    Career management best practices for voice acting are a lot like career management best practices for acting. In theory we should all know them, but in reality it doesn’t hurt to have an occasional refresher. Before you step up to the mic, be sure to review this targeted list of things a new voice talent must consider when getting into the business.
    1. Don’t go in blind. What do you do when you first travel to a city or place that’s new to you? You likely do a search or pull up a map to gain your bearings. The same needs to take place when you enter into the world of voiceover. You need to know the lay of the land. Figure out who the key players are in the business (think voice-over coaches, online marketplaces, producers, etc.) and understand how they work together. Know where you as a voice actor and where you fit into the equation. That said, voiceover is voice acting and as such involves many of the same people you would come across in acting circles, albeit from a different angle. Knowing the ecosystem and appreciating when and how other parties work together is vital.
    2. Don’t touch the microphone. If you are going to a professional recording studio, a cardinal sin that you must avoid is touching

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