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  • 6 Things for Actors to Explore During the Holidays

    We know that the holidays are one of the most fruitful, magical, and emotional times of the year because it is about family, rituals, and childhood.
    You can read many tips about how people can avoid holiday triggers, however for actors, it’s the opposite. You want to discover triggers and learn about yourself during this time because you can gain some arsenal to add to your acting.
    1. Observe. If you are working, you get the chance to do double duty by observing behavior. We know that the holidays are a stressful time for many. How do people push through crowded lines to get what they want? How do they pull out their credit cards or pay cash? You can tell just by customer’s physical behavior if they are trying to keep it together, or are on the brink of losing it. Depending on where you are in the country, notice how people are dealing with the weather. If they are cold, how do they walk into a department store or restaurant and warm themselves up? How do they talk on the phone? Try and guess what the relationship is to the person on the other end. Observe your family like never before. So, keep a journal of small things and write specifically about how people shop, argue, spend money, deal with stress,

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