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  • 5 Important Audition Song Choices to Make

    The job of your audition song is to make you look amazing. In an audition context, a song is an interview tool; it needs to be tailored around your voice and personality to show you off to your best advantage. If you feel empowered to make informed decisions about your repertoire, you will love performing it, and that always shows. Below are a few elements of your music to consider before you bring in that great new tune to your next audition.
    1. Key. The composer of your song selected an original key for the piece that they wrote, but you should ask yourself if the song is in the right key for you. I’m sure most of you know that sheet music is available and transposable online, so if you love the piece but it doesn’t feel like it’s sitting right in your voice, transposition may be a good option.  Many times, even a half-step up or down can make all the difference in the world.  Two caveats:

    There are some iconic songs where the original key is expected; we use these well-known pieces as an assessment for your vocal skills. For instance, if you sing “The Story Goes On,” we expect you to sing it in C major, so we can hear how you handle the ending.
    Some composers

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