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  • 3 Tips for Voice Actors Wanting to Work From Home

    What does it mean to work from home as a professional voice actor? You might have caught the word professional there. Even if you don’t identify yourself as a professional voice actor, your attitude and abilities need to reflect that image if you want to do well in this field.
    As mentioned in my previous columns, the modern voice actor is expected to be vocally talented, to have business savvy, and to have a solid understanding of the tools of the trade. These three areas present unique challenges—and opportunities—that you’ll find when working from home.
    1. Establish a business. You may have been acting for years, but do you realize that you are in business? Too often, creative people see themselves only as artists and not as entrepreneurs. If you are being paid to do something, you are a professional and therefore running a business. This took a while for me to appreciate as someone who made money doing what I loved. As a professional singer, I would perform at weddings, funerals, and lead music at the church I attended. As a supplement to that, I also taught children how to sing and coached kids in preparation for auditions. 
    Recognize that you are indeed running a business and claim the title

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