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  • Secret Agent Man Wants You to do 1 Thing

    When I was a kid, Santa gave me an ant farm. It was an unexpected surprise. I remember staring at it in wonder, watching the little creatures scurry back and forth, creating tunnels that would overlap in endless patterns.
    And then the ants died.
    Kids move on quickly, so the farm ended up in the trash and I shifted my attention to the next toy. But now that I’m an adult, I have a deeper understanding of how that gift worked and what a horrible world it contained.
    You see, those ants were trapped in there without a monarch because federal law prohibits the sale of queens. So the poor bastards spent their lives tunneling back and forth without real purpose. They had no hope of propagating. It was just mindless labor that would lead to an early grave.
    Now here comes the analogy that will make you cringe.
    It’s been my experience that a lot of actors live their lives the same way. They struggle in their careers, mistaking pointless activity for real movement. And just like those ants, they waste their time and never get anything done.
    Sorry. Did I just ruin your holiday spirit? Well, don’t sweat it. My Christmas gift to you is a course correction that will help you start 2015 with purpose.
    First, I want you to

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