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  • Self-Acknowledgement Is Power

    In my commercial workshops when actors watch their class videos, their first comment is what they didn’t like or what they want to do better, even though their progress is obvious to everyone in the room but them. It is difficult for most students to be objective about what they do correctly or what has improved.
    People in general, but so many actors in particular, are super critical of themselves. This kind of tough critique, for most, undermines confidence and makes personal and craft growth really difficult. Even though it does not work for most, actors continue to impose it upon themselves. 
    What I strongly suggest, is after doing a scene in class, watching video of your work, interviewing, auditioning, or working a job, start your self-critique by objectively considering what you learned or did well. Next, determine just three things you could improve. Notice that I didn’t say what you did wrong. I believe this wording distinction is empowering to your confidence and building craft. Then, go home and practice what needs your attention in order to improve. By working on three things after every class, job, and/or audition, you’re constantly working in an empowering way on your acting and auditioning

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