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  • 6 Steps for Reinventing Yourself as a Voice Actor

    If you are new to the voiceover field, the idea of reinvention is probably not your immediate concern. After all, starting a new career is already a state of reinvention, so you may feel that you’ve got it covered. However, given the highly competitive nature of voice acting, the quicker you learn to appreciate reinvention as a strategy for staying relevant, the better. And, for those who have been in the voiceover field for more than a few years, you will reap tangible benefits if you begin implementing the promises of reinvention. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how long you’ve been in the business. What matters is staying relevant. Staying relevant is what gives birth to reinvention. Obstacles like ageism, sexism, racism, and a whole bunch of other isms can certainly wreak havoc, but staying relevant means you have to navigate those waters as part of your plan.
    The desire to be relevant leads to reinvention. So what does it mean to be relevant as a voice actor? Relevance is a moving target that persistently morphs with the whims of a society and is most easily identified by examining popular culture—the hot button issues, colloquialisms, trends, and fancies of the culture in which you live.

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