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  • 3 Ways to Prepare Young Actors for Success

    “I BOOKED THE JOB! I booked the job! I’m so excited! Now what do I do?” Be prepared when opportunity strikes by building these three tips into your everyday life and you will be ready to make your next job a success. 
    1. Increase your skill set. Young actors often perform comedy in roles for sitcoms, film, theater, and commercials. Though we all have had funny moments, it is actually hard to be funny. It takes timing, honesty, and a unique way of appreciating life’s crazy moments. The best place to learn these skills and many others is in an on-going acting class—you won’t learn them in a weekend workshop, while preparing for an audition, or after you have landed a role in your first pilot. Classes provide guided instruction and practice in the same way it is necessary to work with a music teacher to learn the violin. It would be foolish to go straight to the violin recital without instruction and practice; don’t make the same mistake with your audition. Go to class to learn the craft and expand your skill set. 
    2. Get organized. Young actors and their families are often overwhelmed when they wait until landing a role to develop a system that supports schoolwork, acting,

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