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  • 8 Tips From Parents of Child Actors

    What is the greatest responsibility parents have in this crazy business called acting? If you follow my articles you are ready to answer with “being on time to auditions, having current pictures and vitals, keeping casting profiles up-to-date, having proper work permits and Coogan account, making sure my child knows their lines, is dressed appropriately, and more.” Definitely, these are important activities in which to participate.
    But your biggest responsibility? That your child grows up to be happy and well adjusted, not only as a kid but also as an adult!
    So how do you make sure your “actor child” is growing up to be a “normal child”? I took the question to the experts…parents who are in the trenches every day with working child actors. Parents whom I know are in it for the right reasons, because they have children who love to perform, who love the business, and want to be on TV and in the movies, on stage, or on Broadway. Here are some of the answers that I received, and some tips that can help you raise your child to be happy and healthy.
    1. Sometimes you have to say no. “We have to say no sometimes on both the career side and kid side and we all understand that we

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