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  • Am I the Presence of an Actor?

    A director friend of mine saw an independent film at an art house cinema. He said, “It is always pot luck with these kinds of films. But this time, I knew in the first 30 seconds that I was in good hands. The director truly was a filmmaker. I could relax and enjoy the experience.”
    The same applies to auditions. When you walk into the audition room, you need us to think, I am in the presence of a capable actor. I am looking forward to their audition.”
    And we have this realization before you say a line of the scene. 
    Every time I audition an actor in a bigger role or in a better production, the actor is taking a step up. 
    What see written large on their face is: “Oh my God, if I get this part…” And if that is you, then your chances have just dimmed. 
    Nerves are one thing. But if you are overly excited or simply too eager, then doubts are forming in our mind before you stand on the mark. Perhaps you overcomplicate the set up, or maybe you are simply too pedantic in your preparation. These things cast doubts in our mind about casting you.
    So what should you do? Firstly, I urge you to approach an audition with the firm belief that you are not being tested. We are not judging

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