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  • Ms. In The Biz Founder Helenna Santos’ Networking Motto

    Actor-writer-producer Helenna Santos founded blog Ms. In The Biz (and compiled the companion book “Thriving in Hollywood!”) as a guide for women seeking a “positive community that shares resources, imparts wisdom, and fosters success.”
    What made you  want to start Ms. In The Biz? I’m a person who loves connecting people and sharing information. I knew all these women using the Internet, taking their careers in their hands, and actors who were sick of playing the waiting game. I thought, Wouldn’t it be awesome if I could write about these women’s experiences in a simple format, this collaborative, magazine-style blogging community? I launched it in 2013 with 80 writers, and now it’s 140 women with 40 regular contributors.
    How does your new book address women’s issues in entertainment? Women are still completely underrepresented. Even with this year’s Oscar-contending performances, there just weren’t a lot of amazing female actors; there’s a handful compared to the men. It’s the cyclical thing that we keep going through. Alexandra [Boylan], who’s my partner for the book, pointed out we just need more women in power positions who

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