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  • Secret Agent Man’s 2015 Resolutions

    Welcome back from the Christmas break! I hope you had a heartwarming holiday surrounded by friends, family, and good cheer.
    It’s always been my belief that the best way to kick off the new year is with a list of very specific goals. Part of that process is accepting the mistakes you made over the last 12 months and finding ways to do better.
    To help you create an effective list, I’d like to share my own as a way of inspiring and motivating you. So pop open the bubbly, crank up some “Auld Lang Syne,” and enjoy Secret Agent Man’s resolutions for 2015:
    Convincing casting directors to see my clients is a big part of my job. When they say no, the failure is on me, not them. So from this day on, I will no longer send those casting directors emails infected with a hyperbolic virus my friend at Cal Teach designed.
    I have to behave responsibly when a big-ticket client leaves me for a larger agency. Trying to hire a mercenary through Soldier of Fortune magazine is a mistake. Telling that mercenary to wound, not kill, doesn’t make it better. Instead, I will accept that most actors worship at the altar of betrayal and there’s no reason for me to take those rejections so personally.

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