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  • The One Great Success You Can Have in 2015!

    It’s 2015! A new year and we feel the pressure to change. It’s in our cultural consciousness as the ball drops. We want to make some changes. Lose weight, eat healthier, get to the gym more, get signed by an agent, book a guest star role…and so on. We’re collectively hyper-focused on a new start as we transition into a new year. We want to seize the opportunity to change as much as we want to reject it. Clean slate. Fresh start. Resolutions. It’s a lot. 
    Who needs the pressure? We can change anytime. But if this is the time when we’re putting the microscope on what we want to change, let’s come at it differently so that we can achieve indisputable success. To do that, we’ll need to make a shift in our attitude. 
    Nothing happens overnight. Real change takes time. It has to. And it takes consistency. We tend to look at social movements as well as industry success stories as instant, almost magical. We romanticize them. Yes, successful endeavorshave their defining moments, and stardom—the life George Clooney leads has—become an aspiration (even a secret one) for many. But real success comes with a life-long journey filled with hard work, a few battles, several

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