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  • The 1 Breakdown Trap Actors Must Avoid

    A breakdown can feel like a trap and can limit choices before you have even started working the material. Read the breakdown, of course, but then approach the material unbiased by what the breakdown reads.
    The breakdown is: Female. 22–28. Stunning, beautiful, and sexy as hell without trying. Girls want to be friends with her and she’s the type of girl guys would fight over.
    Agents will tell their clients to make sure they go in really sexy—really hot. The irony is that most actors going in for the role are knockout beauties already. Add a short skirt and heels and it can be too much. I have had to remind actors that they are the breakdown, so to work harder to try and be more the part in terms of how their reps see it, won’t necessarily win the role. Ultimately, they have to feel amazing no matter what. I have had more actors book those kinds of roles in a simple tee shirt and jeans than those decked out in “sexy” attire. Sexy is whatever makes the actors feel that way. 
    A good friend of mine was casting a Jerry Bruckheimer-Michael Bay movie. At the time they were seeing actors and all of them came in dressed up and sexy, but there was one who came in with very little makeup, wearing a

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