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  • 10 Ways to Live More Dangerously

    I think being an artist is inherently risky. It’s dangerous. To create is to face what scares us—step into the unknown and be brave enough to tell stories that no one may be interested in hearing. 
    Since the new year is upon us, what better way to take inventory of what we can generate more of in 2015, but also what we can let go of that isn’t serving us and holds us back from true freedom of self-expression. 
    What if this year became an offering—a benediction—to live more dangerously? 
    When I’m talking about living dangerously I’m not asking us to live foolishly. It’s about leaning into those scary places just outside our comfort zone. And they’re not huge, dramatic acts. You don’t have to move cross-country or get a divorce or fire your agents to live dangerously.
    It’s about doing small things mindfully, going for things totally, being willing to embarrass yourself publicly, laying things on the line fully in your work, in your life, in asking someone out on a date, in no longer avoiding that thing you’re trying to avoid—in getting honest. 
    Those simple acts become radical when engaged in on a daily basis. 
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