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  • 8 Steps for Achieving Your Every Goal

    Setting goals is a fundamental component of success. They define your life and career. The biggest challenge with goal setting is that most goals are not reached mainly due to them being set too big and too broad. It too easy to get discouraged with a goal that does not have a defined path and then quickly give up on it. 
    You will have more success if you break that one big dream down into three or five smaller goals. And then break each of those goals down into three or five simple and immediate tasks. These small and defined tasks are cornerstone to achieving every goal you set for yourself and your career. 
    Some guiding principles as you create your goal and task lists:
    1. No more than five goals. When you write down more than five, things can become overwhelming really fast and that’s when you end up quitting. Instead, focus on three-to-five goals. Once you accomplish these goals, then you can add more. 
    2. Keep the tasks incredibly simple. Don’t overcomplicate the goal with a long list of tasks, and you don’t need to create the task list for the entire year. Focus on writing down only a few simple tasks that you want to do and can accomplish within the coming week. This will keep you

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