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  • 10 Requirements for Consistently Working Actors

    After almost 20 years of teaching my technique and guiding careers from my experience as a personal manager, it has become obvious to me what an actor needs to do in order to book a job and create a big career. I’m so happy to report that to date I have 38 clients as network series regulars, and a quarter of them had no credits when they booked a series. 
    I have found that, not only is it important to do the work and understand the business, but it is equally important to understand the philosophy of how to work consistently when you have been given opportunities to advance in your career. I have also seen my clients book very big jobs, and then fall off because the very thing that got them to the point of booking is the very thing that they let go of, because they think that they now have it down. Why change something when it’s working? I have found these 10 requirements to be a great checklist to create a booking ratio and build a big career. Consistency is the key to big success.
    1. Practicing your emotional instrument. Is it tuned up and ready to go? The exact truth sells tickets. If you’re not able to go there emotionally, then you’re leaving the door open for someone else to take your job. The

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