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  • 3 Differences Between Actors and Performers

    I have often heard actors refer to themselves as performers, which I don’t think is empowering. I believe actors should call themselves actors. I understand that in most definitions of “actor” that, “performer” is one of the words to define it, but today the word “performer” has become more associated with circus acts, jugglers, stand-up comics, etc., and sometimes singers and dancers. Performers are talented, trained, crafted professionals. They are their own category and should be respected as such.
    Actors are actors. Performers are performers. They’re both honorable professions. Why, then, am I writing about this distinction? I think it is has value in the acting profession as a means of recognition. Actors train for years in acting classes, go out on auditions, and do acting jobs. Performers take lessons to develop their specific skills, spend years perfecting them, and when they do book work, it is to perform their skill or talent. There are definite similarities, but are what I believe to be the big differences:
    1. Focus. For the most part, performers are very aware of their audience and their reactions, whereas actors, whether it is in class, auditions, onstage or on a set,

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