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  • 3 Ways to Show CDs You’re Ready to Do the Job

    When I hear actors talk about their auditions, I often hear them say that they gave a “good audition,” or that it “went well.” They felt “OK in the room,” the read felt “pretty solid,” and the people in the room “seemed to like them.”
    Almost as if it was a test and they passed with a solid B.
    Not only is that not nearly good enough, it entirely misses the point of what an audition actually is.
    At its best and highest form, an audition is you showing the people in the room that you are ready and able to do the job—that you have the chops at that very moment to walk onto the set and deliver as a multi-faceted, creative, and flexible actor as well as a solid, strong, and dependable professional.
    You need a way of working that allows you to exceed all of the actors who are just preparing to do well in the room. You need to prepare in a way that allows you to exhibit the greatness that lands you on the set, doing the job. 
    Here are three of the things that need to be happen if you’re going to be seen as “set ready.”
    1. Variety of choice. Let’s first be clear that this doesn’t mean making a series of random and bizarre decisions

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