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  • Are You a Proactive or Reactive Actor?

    It’s not a step, it’s a reaction. Recently I did something I thought was really positive in my personal life. I was telling a student of mine about this wonderful step I had taken to rid myself of a relationship that was taking a lot of energy and giving very little in return.
    “That’s not a step, Sara. That’s a reaction,” he said. Before I had a chance to explain or tell him that he was wrong, I was hit by the absolute truth of what he had said. That’s the beauty of truth: Once you know it, there is no avoiding it—or it gets a heck of a lot harder to ignore.
    It got me thinking about how much I’m doing in reaction to instead of proaction. The actor part of me waits until I have been asked about headshots to get new ones, and then somehow I’m in a position of semi-panic to get it done. Same goes for the reel or networking: I wait until asked/prodded/forced and then I go through the wonderful process of self-flagellation for not being more on top of it.
    I am not that way in all areas of my life- and I used to be totally compulsive about new pictures every year and new footage added to the reel the second I had it. Now it feels like I could literally be working 24 hours a

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