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  • The Secret to Calleri Casting’s Success

    The trio behind Calleri Casting—James Calleri, Paul Davis, and Erica Jensen—catch up with Backstage to discuss the company’s success and their audition advice.
    What do you look for in an actor?James Calleri: Our relationship with actors kind of builds up over time. Rare is the occasion that an actor we’ve only seen once or twice comes in and knocks it out of the park. It sort of boils down to who you enjoy seeing when you’re in a windowless studio for eight hours.
    What is the secret to Calleri Casting’s success?Paul Davis: Dogs in the office. We have a good time. We take our job seriously, but we also love the people we work with. The business can be feast or famine and there have been slow chapters in our history, [but] we just enjoy connecting with the people that we work with and we have evolved that way.Erica Jensen: We’ve been together for a long time, so coming to work is a pleasure. We also all have performance backgrounds, so I think we’re very sympathetic to actors and we create a really supportive environment for them to audition.Davis: For as actor-unfriendly as the business can be, I think we’re as actor-friendly as possible while also being efficient and on top

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