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  • 3 Steps to a Better Career

    Last week, after studying yoga for almost three years, my heels touched the mat during downward dog. This might not sound like a major accomplishment but hey, it’s something I’ve been working on and I’m thrilled it finally happened.
    But that wasn’t the reason I signed up for yoga. Getting limber was just one part of a much bigger plan. My real objective was to become a healthy person.
    To accomplish that, I came up with several short-term goals like finding new ways to exercise, quitting fast food, and replacing soda as my go-to drink. I knew those changes would make a big difference.
    Well, it took a few years but I’m proud to say the plan worked. I no longer collapse from exhaustion when I go out dancing with my younger girlfriend, and my cholesterol has dropped to below 200. I pulled this off by understanding one fact: If you want to accomplish anything, you need short-term goals that serve a long-term goal.  
    Actors often set themselves up for failure by choosing goals like “become successful” or “win an Oscar” without figuring out the steps they must take to get there. So let’s be specific. Your long-term goal is to book a pilot. You want to accomplish

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