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  • How to Show a Lifetime in a 2-Minute Audition

    What have you been up to the last seven years? Fallen in love a few times? Changed jobs? Broken up? Auditioned? Booked a job you didn’t expect to book? Didn’t book a job you did expect to book? Lost a friend? Fell in love again? And along the way, did you stay present with what has occurred in your life? Did you explore the colors and textures and shapes behind the feelings of these experiences? If the answer is yes, then you may just be ready to audition for a pilot.
    You see, when you audition for a network pilot, the last thing you usually do before you walk into your network test is sign a seven-year contract. This means that the casting director, producers, director, and network executives are looking for the actor who can show them that they have the potential to grow, change, and live the life of the character over the course of at least seven years. 
    It’s a very high bar and you need to have a way of preparing that allows you to travel the extra distance into yourself and the life of the character.
    When you audition for an episodic or a film you are auditioning to play a person who exists in a certain moment in time. Of course, you need to prepare those roles thoroughly so that you are able to

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