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  • 7 Tips for Nailing Dramatic Improv Auditions

    More and more television programs, and therefore auditions, are incorporating (or solely based on) dramatic improv. I’m currently casting one of these shows, and I’ve seen some brilliance and some hardcore crash-and-burns in the room. Here are some thoughts on how to rock your next dramatic improv audition.
    1. Don’t begin the improv with “Hi! How’s it going?” I have noticed that the most interesting improvs begin mid-conversation, especially if you’re already seated. Pick up with conversation about a random topic and then segue into the real meat of the improv. The random topic should also be something you think that your partner can follow along with for a beat or two before getting to the heart of the matter. In other words, use your gut when it comes to things like sports talk. You want to make sure that your partner can follow along with you and make the small talk believable before you get to the good stuff.
    2. Read the scenarios and breakdowns thoroughly. The biggest mistake I see actors make in the room is simply not following the directions. They often have access to the breakdown, which will give them information on the character(s) and, in the case of my auditions, access

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