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  • 6 Key Components of an Agent-Actor Relationship

    When an actor signs a contract with an agent or a manager he is, basically, entering into a marriage with his or her representative. As with any marriage, there are terms to be negotiated, ways in which each party must conduct him or herself, and communication that must be ongoing and honest. The components I think are the most important are: understanding each person’s role, managing realistic expectations, trust, loyalty, honesty, and communication. As with any relationship, personal chemistry is also a factor, so choose someone with whom you feel comfortable. If you and your rep don’t like each other, neither of you will profit from the relationship.
    1. Understanding the roles. The simple fact is that your representative works for you! You pay him or her a salary in the form of a commission for work you have gotten through his or her efforts. The tricky part is that, in order to get that commission, your rep has to work with no guarantee of ever getting paid. They make submissions so that you will get an appointment, then they hope that you give a good audition and that the planets align so that you get the job. It takes a special kind of person to work for you day after day knowing that they might never see a

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