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  • Backstage Experts Answer: 8 Tips for Actors Struggling With Dyslexia

    Hello! And welcome to our first installment of Backstage Experts Answer. If you’re reading this column, you’re probably an actor who wants take control of his or her own career. You’re smart, determined, and you want to be well-informed. Well, we want to help. 
    We called in the big guns for this: our team of Backstage Experts—industry professionals whose professions range from acting teachers to vocal coaches, casting directors, private coaches, and far beyond.
    You read their articles constantly (hopefully!), but here’s advice tailored specifically to you. This column will address questions our readers pose on our Facebook or Twitter pages. 
    Our first question comes from Lukas D. who asks: “I am a dyslexic and terrible at cold-reading. I hate this part of auditions. Do you have any advice for dyslexic actors who can’t read a word? Even if I memorize it 10 minutes before, it’s all blown away by nerves.”
    Rob Adler, founder of AdlerImprov StudioLukas has two problems that are connected. The nerves are because of his bad past experiences. The dyslexia can be circumnavigated. There’s memory, and then there’s muscle memory: Improvisation training

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