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  • Arden Kaywin’s 1 Tip for Accessing Your Full Vocal Range

    As a former recording artist, opera singer, and musical theater performer, L.A.-based ARDEN KAYWIN draws from her experiences to help actors and singers hit all the right notes.
    When did you start privately coaching?As I approached my 30s, I was gonna start a family and I didn’t want to be on the road anymore. And because of my history and all my training, and because Los Angeles has a very large community of private coaches and schools, people started sending me [their clients]. They understood that I had both sides of the coin—I have the technical background but I also have the stage background.
    Can actors be taught to sing?Yes. With a good teacher, as long as you can match pitch, anyone can become a better singer than they already are. How far you can get with that is dependent on what you’re born with. There are people who are born with innate musicality who love singing but don’t sound very good because they don’t have the proper tools.
    What is the most common problem you see?Ninety-nine percent of the people who come to me say, “I can’t sing high,” and it’s mainly because they just have physical tension—physical habits that are getting in the way of them freeing

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