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  • 3 Ways to Make Boring Text Come to Life

    Trying to get through a boring document? Need to read something that disinterests you or puts you to sleep? Content that must be consumed and internalized isn’t always the most exciting to ingest. If you’ve ever had to review a contract or enter into an agreement with an agent for instance, no doubt you relate to this sentiment! When you need to read and retain information, here are three ways that you can have your cake and eat it, too. 
    1. Engage the theater of the mind. Many people say that they could listen to Morgan Freeman read the phonebook. What if you could and didn’t have to pay a dime? We’ve all seen clips of people narrating other people’s lives, chronicling commonplace observations and detailing the mundane aspects of their subject’s daily life. That approach can be somewhat obnoxious, so we’re going to stick to simply hearing narration in your head while reading silently.
    Pick a celebrity you admire whose voice you know well and have him/her “read” the document to you. Maybe you even have a favorite character in mind who is up to the task. Just last week I called upon the voice of Ioan Gruffudd in his role as William Wilberforce in “Amazing

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