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  • The Secret To Getting Settled in L.A.

    Los Angeles was once dotted with hundreds of small hotels where actors fresh off the bus could quickly settle and then try their luck at auditioning. While those accommodations have mostly disappeared, the influx of aspiring performers remains. If you don’t know the city, finding a good place to live and, if necessary, quality roommates is a challenge. To help actors make the move we asked Matt Shevin, whose blog Inside the Actor’s Studio Apartment chronicles the tribulations of living and working in L.A., for some advice. 
    What are the best websites for finding apartments in Los Angeles?Westside Rentals is my favorite. Super organized, with the most listings of almost any site. The fee ($60 for three months) often scares people away, but it’s actually nominal when you think about the tens of thousands you’ll eventually pay in rent. Find yourself a place you really like; it’ll make the lean years in L.A. that much more enjoyable.
    Are there other ways to find good places to live? Craigslist has come a long way in terms of finding more substantial listings. 
    Are actors the best roommates for other actors or should they be crossed off the list immediately?Actors support each other in ways most

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