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  • How Actors Can Thrive During Mercury’s Retrograde

    I originally wrote this piece when Mercury was in retrograde last year, but guess what? It’s in retrograde again! And the lessons seem just as timely as they did last fall. 
    Now some of you may think it’s all astrological hogwash, and that’s fine, but as a metaphor for challenges in creating and communication, I think it helps us understand how we get in our own way. 
    From a visual standpoint, Earth rotates around the sun much faster than Mars and Jupiter, and so even as all the planets are going the same direction around the sun, the outer planets seem to move backwards. Hence the name “retrograde,” and thus, a lot of people use the solar system as a scapegoat for all the things going wrong in their lives during these periods. 
    But the original Vedic meaning of “Mercury,” however, was called Buddha, which epitomizes the meaning of presence and the awakening of our discriminatory intellect. Our modern-day association with that word is miscommunication, but the Vedic sciences called Mercury a time for getting mindful—using our intellect, communicating clearly. 
    Oh, how time plus humans seems to mess things up. 
    I was walking down the street the other day

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