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  • 3 Reasons You Should Stop Sending CDs Postcards

    Oh, yes…it’s that time. We most certainly are having that conversation…about actor postcards! I know you’ve heard it a hundred times with a thousand different answers, but you haven’t heard it from me! I’m not going to just tell you what I think about them, I’m going to try and inspire you to get creative in this amazing technological world.
    First and foremost, I get it. You can never win, right? Every casting director tells you something different. I’ll tell you one thing and the next CD you meet tells you the exact opposite and on and on and on. I’m sorry. I am. I’m sure you feel it’s a losing battle sometimes. It’s frustrating for me, too. I wish there was a definitive answer for you, but there isn’t. However, there are some aspects to this postcard hullabaloo that you just can’t deny.
    1. Fact: Actors have been sending postcards as a PR strategy for at least 20 years. Fact: It’s 2015, not 1985. Fact: When postcards first became popular, the Internet did not exist.
    We have to change with the times. We have to acknowledge that just because something was great 20 years ago, does not mean it’s still great today. I say this with all

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