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  • Tension Is the Enemy of A Singer, Part 2: Neck Tension

    We have been discussing how tension in various parts of the body negatively affects singing by blocking the free flow of energy, breath, and sound throughout the body. Tension can also trick the body into feeling a false sense of support while singing, which can lead to vocal damage if not replaced by actual, technically correct support. In this three-part series, I have chosen to address the three most common physical tensions that I see effecting singers. Last week I focused on jaw tension. This week we’re going to talk about neck tension, what you can do to identify it, and some tools to release it.
    When the tendons and veins in a singer’s neck pop out while singing, the culprit is neck tension. It’s usually a key indicator that a singer does not have a good handle on their breath support. When a singer cannot rely on the solidity and consistency of their lower support, they often try to control the production of sound with the muscles in their neck. This creates an enormous amount of tension in that area, which negatively affects resonance because it puts a squeeze around the larynx. To this end, singers with neck tension also often suffer in their higher register. As the pitch rises, so does the amount of

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