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  • 3 Ways Acting Boosts Self-Confidence in Young Performers

    As parents, we strive to support our children in all of their endeavors. Actors act because nothing satisfies them as much. For young performers, it instills values and improves a child’s self-image. According to a May 2005 Harris Poll, 93 percent of Americans believe that the arts are essential to a complete education. Acting and performing teaches children the value of their creativity and gives them the confidence to share it with others. If you ever question what your child is achieving on their quest, here are three reminders of why acting can boost self-confidence and help your child thrive. 
    Acting instills pride in children. Acting requires enormous effort and helps children realize their potential for success. If your child spends time practicing, cultivating, and perfecting a piece of art, she will feel a great sense of accomplishment when she performs. She will carry that sense of pride into other aspects of her life because she developed confidence in her ability to achieve her goals. 
    Acting improves academic life. Studies show that acting translates into improved academic performance. The American Alliance for Theatre & Education found that students involved in drama performance “scored

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